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Austin, texas



This private one-on-one workshop offers professional hands on guidance to unique photography techniques. Focusing with long-exposure photography during key lighting, sunrise/sunset through twilight.  

You will receive in-field instruction on creative and technical skills within long-exposure photography. An inside look on gear, tech,  and camera equipment I use throughout all my travels. As well as an optional post-processing editing instruction program held at a location at your convenience. Open to all levels of photography, from beginners to hobbyists to aspiring professionals I'm happy to help you grow your passion for photography. And to show you the best spots to capture stunning images.

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Have you been wanting to capture the glow of the city lights, the reflections of the skyline, or capture the exquisite architecture of our state capitol? Well look no further, I'm finally offering private workshops here in Austin, Texas. Get comfortable behind the lens while learning the technical and creative process of photography.  


workshop information

Dates: Booking year-round through CONTACT via email. Date chosen by client.

Times: ~3 hours on location. Before and after golden hours into twilight. Sunrise or sunset. Editing sessions booked separately.  Editing session ~1 hour.

Location: Austin area. Locations chosen by client through list below.

Limit: Individual or Couple Sessions. 2 person limit.

Payment: $325.00 per person.


Payment can be made using a credit card or via Venmo, PayPal, or Cashapp directly after booking through email.  Payment in full must be received to book your workshop. No refunds on any payments canceled 72 hours prior to our booked dates. Cancellations require me to miss engagements or enrollments from additional work opportunities. 



Once we have a date and time booked you'll be able to communicate with me on several locations of your choice to photograph. Whether it be early in the morning or the late evening lighting is everything. I want to give you the best possible experience and opportunity to come out of this session with stunning images. I'll be able to discuss via phone call and email a strict itinerary. Upon arrival we'll have plenty of time to go over gear, camera equipment and our technical approach to successfully capturing the scene in front of us. Wherever we photograph we'll explore the nearby area for multiple vantage points. Throughout the workshop I'll be able to help you master your camera as well as find the equipment you'll need to grow. 

What to bring

  1. Your Camera.   You can choose to use any camera you like, but a digital camera with full manual control and interchangeable lenses is highly recommended in order for you to have the best experience I can offer.

  2. Lenses.   There are opportunities to use any and all focal lengths, so bring a good range of them. 

  3. Tripod.   A tripod is essential for low-light stills. One can be provided if you do not own one.

  4. Filters.   Polarizing or neutral density filters can be very useful, but its possible to get good results without them. If you are shooting with Canon, they can be provided if not owned.

  5. Intervalometer.    It is highly recommended though not a necessity to us an intervalometer whenever shooting long exposures. If you do not own one I can certainly provide affordable recommendations.

  6. Misc.    Extra batteries, extra camera memory cards, lens cleaning supplies.

  7. Appropriate clothing.    It can get chilly. Photographing near the river you never know when that tripod is going in, bring shoes you don't mind getting wet. 


Whats included

  1. Hands On Guidance.   I'll be with you on location teaching you how to master your camera, lighting, and even planning shots for your future adventures.

  2. Folder of Notes.    After our workshop I'll put together a personalized folder of everything we went over regarding settings, links of equipment, tutorial videos, contacts,  and any additional information to help grow your photography ventures. 

  3. Prints & Stickers.    You'll receive a free 10x15 Satin Paper Print of my work and stickers. As well I'll print YOUR best picture from our workshop together and send that to you! 

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