The past three years I’ve been chasing down my dream of becoming a full time freelance photographer. Ever since I was little, I’ve had a deep passion to explore the outdoors. It wasn’t until recently that I thought of chasing this passion with a camera in my hands. It's been the best decision I’ve ever made. Now that I’m 23 years old, slowly but surely, becoming a completely independent wilderness photographer is becoming a reality. As an aspiring photographer I specialize in landscape, wilderness, and astrophotography among the Texas Hill Country, the Big Bend areas, and the American Southwest. However, my adventures have no limits, I go wherever I choose. So I hope you do the same, and find some admiration and inspiration on what this planet can offer. We tend to get caught up and surrounded by noise, bright lights and distractions. Sometimes we forget the beauty of our own backyard. You’d be surprised on what you can accomplish with free time and an open road.




To me, photography is capturing a scene in a way to truly expresses it’s beauty in one singular event. Through days of research and planning, hours of patiently waiting for perfect lighting, hiking miles through the Rockies or Chihuahuan Desert, or capturing the nowadays rare Milky Way, I try to present my work in a way that is natural and creative. All of my images are RAW files, post-processed in Lightroom 5. My editing is minimal, I don’t use composites, layering, or photoshop to enhance or create these images.



The outdoors is a powerful force. Not by carving canyons, or creating mountains, but by inspiring man to re-evaluate everything in life. It took me nearly my entire life and two years of college to realize this. I had no idea what I wanted to do as far as an occupation, but I always knew I wanted to find a job working outside or something involving travel. On December 2014, the week before Christmas my father took me to Big Bend National Park with a camera in my hands for the very first time. It’s a special thing knowing the exact time and place where you know your life changed. I owe all of that to my father. And owe everything to the outdoors.